The Aquanuts Beat the Russian Team in the Thematic Team Event at the 2012 World Trophy in Mexico

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The Aquanuts Beat the Russian Team in the Thematic Team Event at the 2012 World Trophy in Mexico

12 Walnut Creek Aquanuts, ages 15 to 19, represented the United States of America in the highly prestigious Synchronized Swimming World Trophy Cup Championships in Mexico City, Mexico held earlier this month.

While the girls and coaches spent more than 200 hours in the water preparing for this competition, they say the experience was definitely worth it.

The WCA Club team was the youngest World Trophy Cup team competing against 8 National/Olympic teams and another Club Team from Moscow, Russia. The WCA team placed 7th overall ahead of the 3 National Teams from the Netherlands, Great Britain and Brazil.

The Aquanuts Trophy Cup team coached by Kim Probst (WCA Head Coach), Tammy McGregor (Juniors/Seniors WCA Coach, 2011 U.K. National Team Coach), and Olga Kouznetsova (WCA Coach) prepared several routines for this competition.

The Highlight Routine had a Mexican theme with full traditional costuming including ruffled skirts and sombreros.  It showcased many lifts and throws in addition to unconventional props and costuming.  The crowd went wild when Sandra Ortellado from Carondelet High School in Concord, CA pulled a Mexican flag out of her suit, waiving it proudly while on top of the first lift.

The shark themed duet, featuring Jamie Kuchan and Alexa Tchekmarev, excited the crowd with unique full body costuming featuring teeth on the arms and dorsal fins on their legs.

The highlight of the competition was when WCA beat the Russian team in the Burlesque routine in the Thematic Team Event. Besides the incredible speed and precision of the routine, Sophia Bouzos from Carondelet High School in Concord, CA dazzled the FINA and celebrity judges with her rhythmic gymnastics on deck and atop lifts.

Finally, 10 of the girls performed the exciting combo routine set to African music which took first place at last years' US Opens.

The World Trophy Cup is a very artistic event with a main focus on the beauty and creativity of synchronized swimming. Every year this competition gets more and more spectacular with the increasing number of costumes, props, and accessories.

This year, Mexico excited the crowd with a whole stage filled of Aztec Ruins. Japan did a rendition of Lucha Libre (Mexican Wrestling) and, in another event, filled the pool with mystery when they appeared on the deck dressed as Samurai. Canada swam their Ode to Cirque de Soleil Routine, traveling with a big top tent, tricycle, and juggling balls. The Chinese team thrilled the audience when they turned the pool deck into a dance floor with the mega hit song “Gangnam style”.

As WCA Head Coach Kim Probst summed it all up: “The competition was exciting, the Mexican hospitality was wonderful, and the WCA athletes did a great job representing the USA!”

WCA Athletes representing the US included: Jasmine Carillo (15); Karina Boyle (16); Rina Horii (16); Sandra Ortellado (16);  Alexa Tchekmarev (18), Sophia Bouzos (17) – all from Walnut Creek, CA, as well as Remy Mink (15, from  Alamo, CA) ,  Lizzie Welzien (16, from San Ramon, CA), Morgan Boneburg (17, from  Clayton, CA), Sarah House (17, from  Lafayette, CA), Jamie Kuchan (17, from  Mesa, AZ), and   McKinzie Chelberg (19, from St. Paul, MN).

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