Competition Desk: June-July 2012

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Competition Desk: June-July 2012


21 Nuts in the 11-12 and 13-15 age groups participated in the US Age Group National Championships in Oxford, Ohio from June 22nd through 26th.  This competition is the world’s largest synchronized swimming event.

Our 11-12A team (Maggie Bischel, Sophia Collins, Ava Jih-Schiff, Calia Lockey, Mira Miller, Amanda Portier, Olivia Rosenstein and Haley Watson) earned a bronze in the team event.   

Gillian Brassil helped lead the Aquanuts to a sweep in the 13-15 age group, winning gold in figures, solo, and, with partner Jazzy Carrillo, duet.   Dana Drury, Natalie Fletcher and Joanna Langner won trio and the  13-15 team of Lizzy Atencio, Dana Drury, Natalie Fletcher, Joanna Langner, Remy Mink, Ariel Saiga, Lauren Simonelli and Daria Torba earned the coveted first place spot for team.  Other 13-15 medal winners include Jazzy Carrillo who earned bronze in figures and Dana Drury and Natalie Fletcher who earned the silver for duet.


The Novice Championships was held in San Francisco on June 2nd and 3rd. In the Novice category Emma Ngo won the silver in 9-10 figures.  Emma and partner, Tiernan Lynch, won gold in 9-10 duet.  The amazing Peanut team (Paige Collier, Zoe Eleftheriadis, Caroline Fong, Abigail Kitsis, Tiernan Lynch,  Emma Ngo, Raquel Ovaida, and Sterling Stewart) brought home the gold in the 9-10 team event.  In the Age Group competition, Brynn Waite earned bronze in 11-12 figures.  Brynn and partner, Lauren Wolf, earned gold in 11-12 duet.  The 11-12B team (Eva Eleftheriadis, Ankitha Iyer, Rebecca Nosovitskiy, Brynn Waite, and Lauren Wolf) came in first place in the 11-12 team event.  Finally, Kristen Berardi earned a silver medal in 13-15 figures and the 13-15 trio of Audrey Annison, Kristen Berardi, and Tera Rose Zuniga-Miller earned a gold.


On July 10 through 14, the US Open Championships were held in Henderson, Nevada.  Alexa Tchekmarev earned a bronze in figures.  Nuts swimming for USA, Marisa Tashima, Kaitlin Staines and Karina Boyle all placed in the top 8 for figures.  Sr Soloist, Alexa Tchekmarev, brought home the gold and earned bronze in the JR duet competition with partner, Rina HoriiRina Horii, Sarah House and Lizzy Welzien came in first place for trio.  The Aquanut Combo of Sofia Bouzos, Sam Golomb, Rina Horii, Sarah House,  Joanna Langner, Carolyn Morrice, Leah Reed, Suying Rothrock, Alexa Tchekmarev, Lizzy Welzien and alternate, Lauren Simonelli impressed the international crowd with a gold medal performance.


Congrats go out to Nuts who participated in the Hungarian Open with the US Junior National Team.  Morgan Boneberg and Alyson Haylor placed in the top 8 in figures and Nut teammate, Sandra Ortellado, earned a silver medal in the duet event.