Lets vote for the Aquanuts on America's Got Talent

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Lets vote for the Aquanuts on America's Got Talent

Lets vote for the Aquanuts on America's Got Talent Finals next Tuesday July 30th! So dedicated to Walnut Creek and the program is the team that if the Aquanuts win the ultimate $1 million prize from "America's Got Talent," they would put the money toward a new pool at the city's Clarke Swim Center.

"Our pool has basically run its course and the city of Walnut Creek is unable to support aquatics in the future,"  Kim Probst, the Aquanuts Head Coach said. "The burden will be on the aquatic clubs to fund our new pool and keep our programs alive."

So lets learn about how to vote on AGT for the Aquanuts next week
Each person can vote up to 21 TIMES: Locally or Abroad
Each person 13 years of age or older can vote


Go to this link http://www.nbc.com/americas-got-talent/vote during the show. Voting will open after the show begins. You can vote for Aquanuts up to 10 times per each email address in your family. Log in using different email addresses!


Dial the toll-free numbers assigned to Aquanuts during the show. It will be displayed on the screen. Voting by phone will open at 10.55 pm. You can give 10 votes from each land line and mobile line that your family has.


You will need a valid Twitter account to cast your vote (visit Twitter.com to register for an account). Follow the on-air instructions to cast your vote by tweeting the promoted hashtag and the name of the act for which you want to vote. Only tweets that comply with the instructions will be counted. 

Thank you for your support!